Today, I work in the commercial real estate industry at Voit Real Estate Services in Irvine, focusing my day-to-day on leasing and sales with some development and investment projects on the side. It’s my passion. I moved to this region knowing not one person and through my proven methods, have built a network that feeds my success. Knowing real estate is one thing, but to be good at a career in it you must be self-motivated, charismatic and possess little bit of hustle. You can’t wait for your dreams to come to you. You must go out and make them happen. My life, path, and focus have led me to today, but it’s my hustle and hard work that will take me to the tomorrow I have always dreamed of.

I grew up in the City of Sin. Although most wouldn’t think it to be a great place for a childhood, I believe it played an integral part in who I am today. An ambitious commercial real estate broker, entrepreneur and big dreamer.

My family was like most. I grew up in a middle-class family, living in the suburbs. A loving father, precocious little sister and a mother whose main purpose in life was to love her family. Unlike what’s considered the “norm”, my mom was sick with Cancer. A struggle that consumed her, my family and my childhood– a pain that is still felt among us today. As a child, there is no way to understand your mother being forever taken away from you. It was devastating and life-changing. Rather than letting it destroy me, I used that pain to shape me. I am, who I am today because I strive to be the man my mom would be proud of. I want to constantly be better, both personally and professionally. Not only do I want to be able to provide for my family and loved ones, I want to express my gratitude to those who have contributed to my success, and help support the next generation of big dreamers. Everyone has their “whys” of what drives them—these are mine.

No matter the roller coaster life had me on, I still maintained my academics. I was fortunate enough to attend a private university where I focused my studies on business, finance, and economics. To me, high finance was the fastest way to “make it big”. However, I soon learned that it wasn’t the right fit. So, I reflected on those I admired and knew were successful. I grew up around all facets of real estate—development, investment, construction, leasing, and sales.

Real estate was in my blood. It would soon become my path.

After graduating college, I moved to Orange County with little to no money in the bank for a job in brokerage. Moving to one of the most expensive communities in the country in your 20’s for a 100% commission job with barely enough money to pay rent and buy milk was scary, to say the least. But I knew that a kid who grew up working at his uncle’s gas station and spent the summers picking worms for fishermen would be resourceful enough to overcome the challenges of living the high-cost life of Southern California.


I was right.

  • B.A. in Business Administration, LMU

  • ​CA Broker's License #01926212

  • Advanced Certification in Real Estate Finance, NAIOP

  • ​NAIOP YPG, Class 2014-2015

Voit Real Estate Services is a privately held, broker-owned Southern California-based commercial real estate firm that has been providing strategic property solutions for our clients since 1971. Throughout our 45+ year history, the firm has completed more than $46.5 billion in brokerage revenues encompassing more than 44,500 deals. 

Voit has always been and will always be a regionalized, entrepreneurial firm where our people are our greatest asset. We are a client-focused organization with our brokers sitting on the Board of Governors and as shareholders in the company. Voit professionals have a voice in their own firm and are able to make timely decisions best tailored to their clients’ needs. 

With access to our industry-leading market research and a wide range of corporate resources, we ensure our professionals have all the necessary tools to be successful and provide our clients with the best in class service. 

At Voit, we also embrace the social and economic responsibilities that encourage community growth and development. We are a proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club and encourage participation both with time and donations throughout each of our offices. 



  • Commercial Brokerage

  • Real Estate Management (alliance with RiverRock Real Estate)

  • Construction & Development Services (Valley Commercial Contractors)

  • At Voit, business is approached not as a transaction but as an ongoing relationship, with the goal of creating value for real estate owners in today’s marketplace. Voit prides itself in attracting employees who are innovative, connected and responsive.

Our success stems from our clients’ success. By working in close collaboration with our customers, our expertise has helped our clients exceed expectations. We are proud to tell clients our credentials:


  • 64 million square feet developed, managed and acquired

  • $1.4 billion in construction projects managed

  • $46.5 billion in brokerage transactions (44,500+ transactions)